Peel TV Control and Spotify Box Prototype Win Interaction Awards

Two innovative new connected home products have been recognised in the first Interaction Awards. The Peel TV controller which we first covered back in June last year and the Spotify Box Player prototype designed by Swedish student Jordi Parra, which we featured way back in April, were amongst the winners in these Google sponsored awards [...]

Spotify’s Big News? It Wants to be an App Platform

After a big fanfare last week, CEO Daniel Ek announced yesterday that Spotify was becoming a platform. They will allow third party developers to build music based apps that utilize the core of the service. It seems like everyone is jumping on the platform bandwagon at the moment, Sonos made a similar announcement eariler in [...]

Spotify Playing It Cool Before Major Announcement

As the song in Annie Get Your Gun goes, Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, and it seems as if Swedish streaming music giant Spotify is looking to take some of the limelight away from Apple's iTunes Match and Google Music from the Mountain View behemoth. With Spotify already available as an iTunes app [...]

Spotify Opens Its Doors in the U.S., Unlimited and Premium Subscribers Get Priority Entry

Well, the day has arrived. Spotify is now servicing the U.S. with its unique cross-platform music offering (pricing chart above). According to Spotify's blog, the service is in an "invite-only beta phase." Meaning, only people who have signed up for an invite and received confirmation from the company can participate currently. Yet, that's not 100% [...]

Spotify: U.S. Will Get the Rolls Royce Version at Launch

Some marketing slides have leaked — now in the hands of AllThingsD — that detail how Spotify plans to take over the U.S. market. For one, Spotify makes clear that "nobody does free, on-demand, radio, MP3 retail, Facebook and iPod integration and subscription together." True. They also say that no other music service will have [...]

Spotify Now Taking Sign-up Requests for Its Upcoming U.S. Service

Look out! Spotify is officially coming to the United States. The company has just posted a big landing page announcing as much. Unfortunately, no details of what the package plans will look like or when the service will launch were given (Euro pricing chart), but one can assume it will be soon. If you remember, [...]

Spotify Box Player Prototype ROCKS!

If there was ever a concept product that should be brought to market ASAP, Spotify Box is the one. This prototype player (at least in this walkthough) can easily be configured over the network with your PC and is able to auto-play your Spotify playlists using magnetized RFID discs. Once the music begins playing, users [...]

Spotify Intros New ‘Unlimited’ Music Plan for €4.99/mo

While Americans patiently wait for Spotify's Q3 2010 launch, Europe is getting a new plan option that fits nicely between Spotify's current Free and Premium offering called Unlimited. You can think of Unlimited as the Free option, function-wise, without any ads and the ability to login and stream music from anywhere in the world. Unlike [...]