Hulu Plus Demonstrated on Sony’s PlayStation 3

If you're curious on what Hulu Plus is like running on Sony 's PlayStation 3, have a look at the follow video below produced by Joystiq. As you'll see, Hulu Plus is an app that can be downloaded to the console (no disc required like Netflix's implementation) and features a game console/controller friendly layout slightly [...]

Sony’s PlayStation Network Becomes the First Entertainment System to Offer HD Movies from All Major Studios

For those who don't own a PlayStation 3, PSP, or PSP go yet, Sony has just announced some news that may make you want to jump onboard. According to Sony's press release today, PlayStation Network (PSN) has become the first entertainment system to offer HD movies for rent or purchase from all the major Hollywood [...]

Sony Unveils the Chumby Powered ‘dash’ Personal Internet Viewer

If you've had your eye on the Chumby, but couldn't get yourself to pull the trigger because of the form factor or its miniture size, have a look at Sony's new dash Personal Internet Viewer available this April. For a $199 you'll get a Wi-Fi enabled infotaiment device with a 7-inch (800x480) touchscreen, built-in speakers, [...]

Video Demo: Netflix Instant Streaming on a Sony PlayStation 3

If you're curious what the interface and experience is like with Netflix Instant Streaming on a PS3, have a look at the attached user created video. It takes a few seconds for the required disc to initiate, but the UI appears similar to other Netflix enabled products and doesn't suffer from any noticable lag (other [...]

Sony BDP-N460 Network Blu-ray Player

Eariler this week Sony announced its entrant into the networked Blu-ray player space. And I've got to tell you... the BDP-N460 doesn't disappoint. For $249.99 (great price), Sony's Blu-ray player out of the box supports Netflix, YouTube,, Crackle, and Slacker Radio online entertainment services, as well as its own BRAVIA Internet Video platform. While [...]

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Unveiled, Just $299 with 120GB Hard Drive

It's out! Hard to believe that in less than three years Sony is now unveiling a slimmer, lighter, and less power-hungry PlayStation 3. The new PS3 Slim will sell for $299 [Amazon] this September and include a larger 120GB hard drive — not bad for a combined Game Console, Blu-ray player, PC/Internet streamer device. Attached [...]

Sony and Best Buy Introduce the ALTUS Audio Product Line

Interesting. Sony and Best Buy have partnered to create a new audio product line, which initially will be available at Sony Style and Best Buy, that consists of six S-AIR wireless enabled products: AIR-SW10Ti ($400 - iPod dock/FM multi-room system, built-in speakers), ALT-SA31iR ($700 - iPod dock/AM/FM multi-room system, separate speakers), ALT-A33PC ($200 - wireless [...]

Sony Unveils the ES Series Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi and DLNA Support

If you've been holding out on buying a Blu-ray disc player until something utterly cool comes out, then Sony's ES Series player just might fit the bill. The BDP-S1000ES (MSRP $699) offers full HD 1080p (60/24fps) True Cinema video output, Blu-ray BD-Live support (includes a 4GB USB flash drive for download file storage), 7.1 channel [...]