Google TV Rolls Out Android 3.2

Google TV is now a part of Android Honeycomb 3.2.  A new update was released last week to allow Google TV to go Android in keeping with Google's promise earlier this month to release frequent updates.  This is the latest update that will happen before Android 4 is provided to users.  The new software is [...]

Frequent TV Upgrades Planned by Google

Google has stated that its most recent television version will be receiving yearly software updates, in addition to voice search and customized suggestions. Google said that it is intending to update its Google TV software by the end of 2012, incorporating new content as well as more customized recommendations and keeping its yearly software upgrade plan.  [...]

PlayStation Home to Provide Radio and Movie Socialization

Sony has revealed that its new and redesigned PlayStation Home project is to allow social experiences to become even more in-depth. From December, users of the system will be able to enter the virtual universe and hang out with their friends whilst listening to the music provided by RadioIO, experience live UStream entertainment, or watch [...]

Sony’s New Cone-shaped HomeShare Network Speaker Lets You Beam Music to It via DLNA

Last night I was looking for a wireless speaker that lets you beam music to it like the new crop of AirPlay compatible speakers, but with DLNA. I've seen demos of this using Windows Media Player's "Play To" functionality, but haven't actually seen any DLNA wireless speaker products on the market — Internet radio boomboxes [...]

Sony Embraces Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM Solution

Sony has just announced that they're going with PlayReady to protect their content and provide users with new ways to enjoy their purchased and rented media. A quick look at Microsoft's PlayReady page shows that Sony can allow users to download movies and begin watching them instantly, stream media to devices around the home, and [...]

PlayStation Suite May Become Google TV’s Future Killer App

This potentially could be big news for fans and hardware partners of Google TV! Sony Computer Entertainment's President and Group CEO, Kazuo Hirai, states that Sony's Internet TV devices powered by Google TV may in the future get support for Sony's new PlayStation Suite (PSS), a technology that will soon allow "PlayStation Certified" Android phones to [...]

Samsung to Become Google TV’s Next Smart TV Provider?

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung is getting ready to announce its plans to introduce a new line of HDTVs powered by Google TV in January 2011 (most likely at CES). Samsung's head of TV biz says that they're "open" to using Intel's chips to tie it all together (see: Intel Smart TV). If this happens, [...]

Get Your Hulu Fix Now on Sony’s Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Sony is announcing that the $9.99/mo Hulu Plus service is now accessible via the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer. The new app makes itself comfortable next to Dash's Netflix, Amazon On Demand, and YouTube video offerings. I guess if you're going to spend the money on a premium subscription to Hulu Plus you should be [...]