MUST SEE: BBC’s Revamped iPlayer for PS3 and other Connected Devices

It's hard to be impressed by TV apps these days. Most developers do a horrid job of making things intuitive and easy for end-users to navigate with a standard remote. Enter BBC's new iPlayer HTML5/CE-HTML app. The team at BBC have put in a lot of thought on what a TV-optimized web app should do, [...]

Nielsen Survey Reveals How People Prefer to Use Hulu vs. Netflix

Kudos to Nielsen. The company has conducted a survey which reveals how people actually use Hulu and Netflix. Not surprisingly, people like watching TV shows on Hulu (73%) and movies primarily via Netflix (53%), which makes sense since Hulu is made up of TV network content (well, at least a majority of it is) and Netflix [...]

doubleTwist Adds AirTwist DLNA Handset Server Media Streaming to Its Android AirSync App

Own an Android device and still living in an iTunes world? Well then... your favorite Android app, doubleTwist AirSync ($4.99), has just added a new feature that will allow you to stream your handset's synced iTunes media content to an Xbox 360 or PS3. The new feature comes at no charge, if you already have [...]

Netflix Leverages HTML5-based Web Apps for PS3 and Google TV

Last week you may have caught the video below, making the rounds, showing off Google TV's updated Netflix app and how it looks eerily similar to the PS3 version. Well, there's a reason for that. Netflix's Techblog has posted details on how the company used HTML5 (along with a port of Webkit) to create a [...]

Netflix CEO Confirms the Obvious: People Aren’t Crazy about Watching Long-form Video on Portable Devices

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, stunned the Web 2.0 Summit moderator (and possibly many in the audience) this week when he responded that portable devices like the iPhone and iPad have had "very little" impact on their business. It's actually kind of funny to watch (jump to: 02:51). The moderator, with his iPad by his side, [...]

Sony’s PlayStation 3 Gets Disc-free, HD Netflix Access

Wow, the PS3 owners are probably pretty happy today. Netflix has rolled out their native PlayStation 3 app for the platform, which features a custom UI optimized for the console's controller. Video quality is as good as it gets: 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound (when available). However, I think PS3 owners will dig [...]

Hulu Plus Demonstrated on Sony’s PlayStation 3

If you're curious on what Hulu Plus is like running on Sony 's PlayStation 3, have a look at the follow video below produced by Joystiq. As you'll see, Hulu Plus is an app that can be downloaded to the console (no disc required like Netflix's implementation) and features a game console/controller friendly layout slightly [...]

CNET Compares Avatar in HD via Blu-ray Disc, VUDU HDX, and Sony PS3 Download

In case you were wondering which format provides the best HD movie experience, CNET's Crave blog has compared how "Avatar" in HD looks via Blu-ray disc ($25 - currently $19.99 @ Amazon), VUDU HDX ($24.99), and PlayStation Store download ($19.99) on Sony's PS3. No surprise... Blu-ray took the crown in overall quality. Blu-ray also offered the [...]