Sony Takes Logitech’s Cue and Reduces Prices of Its HDTVs Powered by Google TV

In a not too surprising move, Sony has decided to reduce their Sony Internet TV models by up to $440. Folks can now purchase the 24-inch model for $295, the 32-inch for $498, the 40-inch for $723, and the 46-inch for $961 (originally $1,399.99) at Amazon with free shipping. According to, who spoke with [...]

PlayStation Suite May Become Google TV’s Future Killer App

This potentially could be big news for fans and hardware partners of Google TV! Sony Computer Entertainment's President and Group CEO, Kazuo Hirai, states that Sony's Internet TV devices powered by Google TV may in the future get support for Sony's new PlayStation Suite (PSS), a technology that will soon allow "PlayStation Certified" Android phones to [...]

Why TV Networks Blocking Google TV Online Doesn’t Matter

I was giving the whole "TV networks block Google TV" situation some thought and came to conclusion: it really doesn't matter. Would it be nice if one could visit a site like and view available TV content for browser-based streaming? Sure. But is it a deal breaker when Google TV is designed to work [...]

Google Rolls Out Google TV’s First Software Update, Intros New Remote Control App for Android

Google has just pushed out a Google TV software update to its flagship products, the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV. It brings two major improvements. First, the Google TV guys worked with Netflix to provide users the ability to search and stream any movie or TV show that's available in Netflix's Watch Instantly catalog. [...]

Samsung to Become Google TV’s Next Smart TV Provider?

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung is getting ready to announce its plans to introduce a new line of HDTVs powered by Google TV in January 2011 (most likely at CES). Samsung's head of TV biz says that they're "open" to using Intel's chips to tie it all together (see: Intel Smart TV). If this happens, [...]

Sony Intros the Worlds First HDTV Powered by Google TV

Alright! Sony today has officially unveiled its new Sony Internet TV line powered by Google TV. We've had quick glimpses of the Smart TV earlier this year, but now we have all the details. In regards to TV / DVR providers, first up will be DISH Networks — just like with the Logitech Revue. Unfortunately, [...]