Sonos System Software 3.6 Update

Sonos has launched the 3.6 system software update. If you are on iOS or Android, you are able to get it now at the respective marketplaces. You should automatically be prompted to install the update via the desktop software. 3.6 consist of the following updates: * The Sonos controller for Android can now support tablets (even [...]

Behold Sonos’ New Play:3 Speaker

We got a sneak peek of the Play:3 last week (courtesy of Amazon) and the product became official just a couple days later. Now Sonos has pumped up their marketing arm and produced the following showcase video of the $299 Play:3 speaker. One thing that we didn't know earlier is that the Play:3 can be [...]

Sneak Peek: Sonos S3 / Play:3 (Courtesy of Amazon)

It looks like we're days away from the official unveiling of Sonos' new, all-in-one wireless speaker. The S3 or Play:3 (model: PLAY3US1BLK) as it may be called will retail for $299 and give users the ability to add additional speakers as needed to create a multi-room audio experience of their making. The speaker can be [...]

Sonos Adds Voice Control to Its Android Controller App, Makes ZonePlayers AirPlay Compatible via AirPort Express

It's a amazing a how a company who produces a multi-room, wireless audio system keeps on innovating year after year. The company has just added voice control to its Android Controller App (though a demo of how well that works isn't available) and has made its ZonePlayers AirPlay compatible via AirPort Express. According to Sonos, [...]

Sonos Intros the Sonos Wireless Dock for iPhone and iPod touch

Sonos has announced the availability of a $119 wireless dock, set for release at the end of October, for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows music stored on the handset to be streamed and played back through a Sonos music system. Seems to me the guys at Sonos could have integrated this feature in [...]

Sonos Prepping an iPad App for ‘Late August’ Release

Sonos' upcoming iPad app is probably one of the best uses for a tablet I've seen to date (next to Elgato's new EyeTV app) to control media in the home. The Sonos app will allow users to easily navigate and select songs from their iTunes library, listen to Internet radio, and tap into subscription music [...]

Sonos Adds All-In-One ZonePlayer S5 Speaker Unit to Product Lineup

Sonos has had a long time reputation for providing a rock solid multi-room audio solution, though a bit pricey when you consider you still have to add a set of amplified speakers to each player. Enter the $399 Sonos ZonePlayer S5, a combo Sonos player and speaker unit comprised of 5 speakers (2 tweeters, 2 [...]

Sonos Introduces the Sonos Controller 200

It looks like all the leaked photos of the next-gen Sonos remote were accurate. Today the company is announcing the availability of the Sonos Controller 200 (CR200). The new capacitive touch screen remote will sell for $349 and will replace the company's original (and might I add, innovative for its time) Controller 100. Product highlights [...]