Dijit Wants to Be Your Smartphone’s Universal Remote App and More

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Dijit's San Francisco headquarters. The small startup in a nutshell wants to turn your smartphone or tablet into a customizable universal remote. Sure, we've seen this kind of tech before, but Dijit has an interesting twist. The company has partnered with Griffin to sell a $79 Bluetooth IR [...]

Yahoo! Acquires Social TV App IntoNow, Has the Potential to Make TV Invasive

The big Social TV news of the day is that Yahoo! has just acquired the 12 week old company, IntoNow. When it first launched its Shazam/Foursquare-like service earlier this year I was excited by its potential to transform the way watch and share our TV experiences, but now I'm having second thoughts — thanks to [...]

Samsung Demos Its Social TV Functionality and New Dual-sided QWERTY Remote

On one hand, I give credit to Samsung for innovating in the Smart TV space. On the other, I'm not sure what they're thinking in terms of usability. Apparently the same guy responsible for Samsung's TV configuration screen got the task of designing the Social TV app in Smart Hub. I jest.... Of course, I really don't [...]

TweePLayer Tries to Do the Impossible, Bring Real-time Tweets to Live and Recorded Content

I'm actually a little blown away here (in concept). TweePLayer is a new service that's taking the Social TV experience to a whole new level. Many have noted that live, must-see TV has rebounded a bit with users checking in and following their favorite shows' tweet streams in real-time. Well, now TweePLayer plans to simplify that [...]

Comcast Finds 67% of Polled Subscribers Are Interested in Interactive TV Features

Lets leave the discussion of second screens on the side for a moment. Comcast found that participants polled from their Comcast Advisors Panel were either "very interested" (39%) or "somewhat interested" (28%) in having interactive TV (iTV) features where one could vote on the outcomes of a show, be polled, or request additional information on [...]

IntoNow’s New Social TV / Audio Detection App Breaks New Ground

Say hello to IntoNow everyone. It's a new Social TV app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (soon for Android, Web, etc.) that features a proprietary audio detection component called SoundPrint that can identify the TV show or movie you're watching — pre-recorded, place-shifted, or live — with a press of a button. It's actually pretty [...]

Study Finds 86% of Mobile Internet Users Fiddle with Their Devices While Watching TV

Jeez, what does this say about us? Nielsen | Yahoo! have just published a study [PDF], consisting of 8,384 U.S. residents age 13-64, and found that "86% of mobile Internet users (and 92% of 13-24s) are using their mobile devices simultaneously with TV." Of those 86%, "a quarter of them say they are browsing content related [...]

MTV Music Meter TV App Destined for Samsung’s Smart TVs

I was just saying the other day that MTV is one of the leaders in Social TV engagement. Now, the company plans to create a TV app for Samsung's Smart TVs that will showcase the top 100 artists beginning talked about across the Web and provide users with related artist audio, video, photos, tweets, news, [...]