FireFly Mini Tested and Confirmed to Work with Hulu Desktop

SnapStream Blog is confirming that their FireFly Mini ($29.99) remote is fully compatible with Hulu Desktop. The news isn't mind-blowing by any means since the software's documentation states that its compatible with most media center PC remotes. However, if you're looking for something compact and inexpensive to navigate Hulu Desktop, FireFly Mini may be just [...]

The Easy Way to Watch High Quality Beyond TV Recordings on a Mac

SnapStream has posted a quick how-to guide for users in a mixed PC home environment. The guide details how to set Beyond TV's browser “play” links function to be compatible with the VLC player on the Mac (and probably on a Linux PC as well). Once that's done, users can seek inside a file, fast-forward, [...]

SnapStream Bumps Price of Beyond TV to $99 – But Adds Plenty of Worthwhile New Features

Big news from the SnapStream camp. Beyond TV 4.9 – repackaged and priced at $99 – now includes Clear QAM support for recording unencrypted cable transmissions (including programming available in HD), a built-in Placeshifting web player (first glimpsed at in Sept.), and native H.264 (iPod compatible) video transcoding and DVD burning (both previously plug-ins available [...]

SnapStream Adds PlaceShifting Functionality to Beyond TV 4.9 Beta

It appears that everyone in the SnapStream Beta Program got a nice surprise in the recent Beyond TV 4.9 release. 4.9 now provides support for content placeshifting similar to the Slingbox, but it's leveraging Microsoft's Silverlight for playback (I'm guessing Beyond TV with some type of .NET Silverlight tookit is doing the heavy lifting of [...]