Televisions of the Future May Leverage Cameras to Gauge Your Interest

Here's an Orwellian story for you (requires a subscription). NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL), a subsidiary of Japan Broadcasting Corporation, is currently testing Smart TV software that will ultimately use a television's built-in webcam to observe viewers reactions to what's being shown. The goal is to provide viewers additional information, suggested shows, and advertising [...]

Hey, Smart TV Naysayers: Samsung Apps for TV Reaches 5 Millionth Download Milestone

Samsung is out with positive news regarding their Smart TV app platform today. The company is announcing that they have surpassed 5 million app downloads globally. The service, which launched in February of 2010, had a reported 2 million downloads after 11 months. And, now, after 14 months, has surpassed 5 million downloads (150% increase [...]

Samsung’s Smart TV Remote for Android Gets Live TV Streaming

Sure, having a TV remote app on your smartphone or tablet is neat, but what about one that can stream live TV? Well, that's exactly what Samsung is introducing. The company believes users will be interested in watching the same program or a different channel on their tablet or smartphone. However, the most likely use [...]

Samsung Demos Its Social TV Functionality and New Dual-sided QWERTY Remote

On one hand, I give credit to Samsung for innovating in the Smart TV space. On the other, I'm not sure what they're thinking in terms of usability. Apparently the same guy responsible for Samsung's TV configuration screen got the task of designing the Social TV app in Smart Hub. I jest.... Of course, I really don't [...]

Samsung Unveils Its ‘Smart’ QWERTY TV Remote

Any TV remote with an integrated QWERTY keyboard has a better than good chance of failing in terms of overall design and usability. However, Samsung's new $99.99 QWERTY TV Remote may surprise us all. The QWERTY side of the remote has a decent little layout with very readable buttons and a clear LCD screen to what you're [...]

Samsung Shows How Uncomplicated Activating a Blockbuster or Netflix TV App Is

Well, I guess you can say it's easy — if you don't mind jumping back and forth between your TV and PC. As you'll see below, activating a TV app on some services, like Blockbuster and Netflix, requires one to grab an authorization code from the provider's website to enter into the app's settings. If you're familiar [...]

EPIX Demos Future TV App at NATPE 2011

We saw Comcast and Time Warner Cable's TV apps at CES, which brings users live and on-demand programming without a set-top box via IP. Now, EPIX is demonstrating their TV app at NATPE that will bring all the functionality of to users Connected TVs. The TV app, according to EPIX's chief digital officer, provides [...]

MTV Music Meter TV App Destined for Samsung’s Smart TVs

I was just saying the other day that MTV is one of the leaders in Social TV engagement. Now, the company plans to create a TV app for Samsung's Smart TVs that will showcase the top 100 artists beginning talked about across the Web and provide users with related artist audio, video, photos, tweets, news, [...]