Sezmi $4.99/mo Personalized TV Service Expands to 36 U.S. Markets

Folks on a budget (or people looking for an alternative to Comcast)... listen up. You may now be in one of 36 new Sezmi TV service markets — and that's a good thing. For as little as $4.99/mo, and the purchase of a $149.99 Sezmi DVR with 1,400 hours of storage, you'll get basic HDTV, [...]

Sezmi Broadband TV Service Launches Public Pilot in LA

You may have caught the news yesterday that Sezmi, a company who we first heard about last year, has finally launched it service to a small group of participants in Los Angeles (you can still be one of them). The broadband service provides cable-like high-definition TV programming (including local), video on-demand, online video content, and DVR [...]