Seagate Launches the GoFlex Satellite Mobile Storage and Wireless Media Server

I'm not sure what to make of the $199 GoFlex Satellite... but if you're looking for a USB 3.0 hard drive that can double as a wireless media server for your mobile devices or computers — up to 3 in total — via Wi-Fi, then this drive is for you. Engadget posted a walkthrough of the [...]

Is Thunderbolt (Formerly Light Peak) Overkill for Today’s SATA Drives?

I'm reading Intel's press release for their new Thunderbolt I/O data connection technology that boasts a bi-directional data transfer speed of 10Gb/s through a PCI Express interconnect — which is awesome. However, today's hard drives can't take advantage of those speeds because SATA drives — even the latest SATA 3.0 drives [PDF] — aren't that [...]

Seagate Expands GoFlex Line of Networked Home Storage Products

Earlier this year Seagate introduced the Pogoplug-powered FreeAgent GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device, featuring a unique dual dock design for pairing with GoFlex ultra-portable drives (MSRP $99 - Ethernet connectivity only). Now Seagate is introducing a slightly different package that may entice the average PC/Mac user once again. The company's new GoFlex Home Network Storage System [...]

Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player Gains Netflix, YouTube, vTuner, Mediafly Support

If you're a Netflix fan, the go to box to bring streaming movies to your TV has been the Roku Digital Video Player, which you can pick up from $79 - $129 depending on the model. Now, Seagate is creeping into Roku's territory with the addition of Netflix streaming to their $129 network media streamer [...]

Seagate Intros FreeAgent DockStar with Pogoplug NAS Capabilities

Seagate is really doing some interesting things with their FreeAgent Go portable hard drives. Yesterday we reported on the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player and how it offers a custom FreeAgent Go dock so users can playback stored media on their HDTV. Now, today, the company is introducing the FreeAgent Go compatible FreeAgent DockStar [...]

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player Released – Now with Network Capabilities

Seagate today is announcing the availability of the FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player (MSRP $149.99), which is basically an update to their previous FreeAgent Theater device. The new "plus" version adds 1080p video support with DTS audio (previously 1080i) over HDMI, two additional USB ports, built-in Ethernet (optional 802.11n USB adapter available), and PC / [...]

Seagate Announces the BlackArmor NAS 220 Storage Server

If the first BlackArmor 4-bay NAS 440 Storage Server was a bit much for your needs, Seagate today is announcing the addition of the BlackArmor NAS 220 Storage Server that will come loaded with 2TB ($449.99) or 4TB ($699.99) of storage this July [PDF data sheet]. Like its big brother, the 220 can function as [...]

Seagate Unveils the Industrial Strength BlackArmor NAS Line

Need a multi-terabyte NAS solution that can backup up to 50 network PCs, provides RAID storage (at 50MB/s speeds), file / volume encryption, DLNA / iTunes media streaming, and remote access? If yes, Seagate's new BlackArmor NAS line may just be for you. Designed primarly for small-business, the energy-efficient Seagate BlackArmor can work just as [...]