Samsung MediaLive Media Center Extender Gets Put Under the Microscope by EngadgetHD

For those Samsung HDTV owners who've been saving up or putting the Samsung MediaLive on their wishlist, EngadgetHD has a review post you should have a look at before pulling the trigger on this tiny little Media Center Extender. Bottom line: It's a nice a device if all you care about is adding Media Center [...]

Samsung MediaLive Digital Media Adapter Launching October 15, 2008

Finally... after about 9 months from its original “soft” unveiling at CES 2008 (and its official press release in July and its "Coming Soon" list status at Best Buy), Samsung will actually ship their MR-00EA1 MediaLive Digital Media Adapter on October 15, 2008 to the public, according to the product page at The only [...]

Samsung’s MediaLive: the Ultimate HDTV Accessory, Bringing Digital Content from the PC to the Big-Screen

Samsung Electronics America Inc., the leader in the U.S. digital television market, lets consumers view PC-content on a Samsung HDTV with the retail launch of the company’s MediaLive adaptor. Samsung’s MediaLive delivers digital content (including HD content) in real-time from Windows Media Center on a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate [...]