Missing Remote Goes Hands-On with S1Digital’s 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer – Rips 53 Movie Discs for Good Measure

While I believe most people will use a product like S1Digital's 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer for watching and listening to Blu-ray / DVD / CD music from, Missing Remote shows you that if you own a Windows Home Server, a copy of AnyDVD HD + My Movies, and a bucket load of storage you can also [...]

S1Digital Rolls Out a 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer for Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server

Sure the idea of ripping all your Blu-ray discs to your PC's hard drive or networked home server sounds appealing, but the reality of going through the process isn't quite as pleasant — especially when you consider how much storage space you'll need (an uncompressed Blu-ray movie copy can be 25+ GB in size). Enter [...]