Roku PlayOn Channel Demonstrated

[UPDATE 10/29/2010: the PlayOn Channel has been pulled] This week PlayOn brought its service to Roku so users can access PC-only web content from Hulu (basic), Comedy Centeral, Spike, PBS, ESPN, CBS, BET, and others directly from the TV connected player. As you'll see in the video below, the PlayOn service runs on your networked [...]

Netgear Rebrands Roku’s XD Player as the Netgear NTV250

So the Netgear product label we spotted at the FCC, with Roku's name on it, now has its purpose. Netgear has rebranded Roku's new XD player as the Netgear NTV250 — available now at Fry's. What's interesting is the list price shown at Fry's is $90.49, but you get an instant $10.50 savings bring the [...]

It’s Official: Hulu Plus to Arrive on Roku

Well, now the world has confirmation to the news we got yesterday. Roku is officially announcing Hulu Plus, the premium $9.99/mo service, will arrive on Roku later this Fall and will be compatible with all models, including its entry-level $59.99 player. Roku has sent us an image to whet your appetite until then. The full press release [...]

No Surprise: Hulu Coming to Roku

Dan Rayburn is reporting that he has received confirmation from a pair Hulu content partners that the service will make its way to Roku players in the very near future. No word if users will be able to access free Hulu content or will only be able to gain access through a $9.99/mo Hulu Plus [...]

Roku Refreshes Its Player Lineup with New, 1-inch Thick HD, XD, and XD|S Models

Roku has done a complete refresh of their player lineup. The first thing you'll notice is that the player has changed drastically in design. It's now 1-inch thick by 5-inches wide. Prices range from $59.99 — $99.99. The main difference between the models is that the entry-level HD can only output 720p video; XD adds [...]

FCC Unveils Mystery Roku XD S Device

Remember earlier this month we reported that the FCC brought to light a couple new Roku XD & XD Player products that are in the pipeline — with one being manufactured by NETGEAR? Well, Wireless Goodness has uncovered a third Roku device called the XD S which provides 802.11n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, component/composite/HDMI video, and [...]

FCC Roku XD Mystery

Wireless Goodness has uncovered an interesting Roku development via the FCC. The guys have spotted a new Roku Player called the XD (model: NTV250), which appears to be co-created with NETGEAR (that's new!). Not only that, there appears to be a second XD device (model: 2050X) that could possibly be a server (for a client/server [...]

Roku HD-XR Drops to $99.99, Will Gain 1080p Support

Wow, Roku today gave everyone reason to like its line of players again. The company has dropped the price of its HD and HD-XR models by $30 and the SD unit by $20. So now you can pick up the SD for $59.99 (currently out of stock), the HD for $69.99, and the HD-XR for [...]