DVPRemote Is Your iPhone Remote App for Roku

Just saw a tweet from @rokuplayer that DVPRemote was on sale for $1.99. Being that I've never heard of DVPRemote, I clicked on the link. It turns out DVPRemote is a $2.99 iOS app for the iPhone and iPod touch (works on iPad, too) that makes controlling a Roku box a dream. Not sure why [...]

Roku Users Gain Access to Crackle’s Catalog of Free, Ad-supported Feature Films and TV Shows

If you're a regular Hulu or Hulu Plus user, you've probably noticed that Crackle provides a fair share of full-length movies and TV shows on the service. Well, Crackle now has its own FREE channel on Roku. The ad-supported service (U.S. only) provides 20 new movie titles to users per month, from sources like Columbia Pictures, [...]

Apple Brings MLB.tv and NBA League Pass to Apple TV; Where’s the ATV App Store?

Good news for sports fans who own a second generation Apple TV. Apple has decide to roll out a pair of premium apps as part of the iOS 4.2 update (not 4.3) on Apple TV: MLB.tv and NBA League Pass. Unfortunately, users still don't have a proper ATV app store to download additional services from. [...]

Rdio Now Available in the Roku Channel Store

Fans of the subscription music service, Rdio, will be happy to learn that their $9.99/mo Rdio Unlimited plan now supports the Roku player. The Rdio service can be found in the Roku Channel Store through the device and provide users unlimited access to the service's entire music collection, as well as to a user's custom created [...]

Official: Amazon Prime Members Now Getting Unlimited, Commercial-free, Instant Streaming of More Than 5,000 Movies and TV Shows

We reported earlier this year that a few lucky Amazon Prime members were seeing free access to select SD and HD titles from Amazon's On Demand catalog. Well, today it's official. Any member with a $79/yr Amazon Prime membership now gets access to 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional charge — that's on [...]

Cord-cutters Made Up 0.18% of the Market in 2010, Expected to Hit 2% Globally in 2015

Is "cord-cutting," the act of intentionally replacing your cable / satellite TV service with a free to low cost IP-based over-the-top solution(s), overhyped? It appears so — at least until the end of this decade. According to Informa Telecoms & Media's recent study, the research firm found that there were only 1.2 million cord-cutters worldwide in 2010, equivalent to [...]

Roku Officially Rolls Out ‘USB Media Player Channel’

Got a USB equipped Roku XD|S or HD-XR (previous generation) player? Well, Roku has just launched their USB Media Player Channel, which enables user to playback their photos, music, and videos stored on a USB drive. As you can see from the chart above, video formats supported are mainly of the H.264 variety, though WMV9/VC-1 [...]

Yes, TV Apps Can Save Niche Cable and Independent TV Networks – In Theory

I just wanted to piggyback on NewTeeVee's post: "Can TV Apps Save Niche Cable Networks?" and the recent announcement that WealthTV will be the first cable TV channel, in HD, to be offered on Roku for $2.99/mo. If we can move past the argument of TV platform fragmentation and imagine that it's easy for any [...]