Sneak Peek: Netflix’s Improved Roku Digital Video Player UI

Roku today is showing off a new Netflix UI to differentiate its offering from other networked media devices that support Netflix's movie streaming service. The improved UI for the Roku Digital Video Player is expected to roll out this June as a software update. A couple of the hot new features: instant queue management directly from [...]

Amazon Video On Demand Rolls Out HD Quality TV Episodes and Movies

Big news today for folks who enjoy renting Amazon Video On Demand content through their Windows / Mac PC, TiVo (Series 3, HD, HD XL), Roku Digital Video Player (now available through, and Sony Bravia Internet Video Link. The service has been upgraded to serve up HD quality TV episodes and Movies in 720p [...]

Roku Digital Video Player Now Providing Amazon Video On Demand

Big news today for both Roku and Amazon. Previously, the Roku Digital Video Player only supported Netflix “Watch Instantly” content. Today Roku is announcing that their product is receiving an update that will allow the device to tap into Amazon's Video On Demand 40,000 title offering to rent, own, and watch. According to the [...]

Amazon Video On Demand Coming to the Roku Digital Video Player in Early 2009

Scoot over, Netflix. Roku and Amazon have announced a partnership to provide the Roku Digital Video Player (notice Roku finally changed their device's name from "Netflix Player by Roku" to the Roku Digital Video Player — good move) users access to Amazon's Video On Demand library in the early part of 2009. Soon users will [...]