Twine for Connecting the Unconnectable

If you haven't yet come across it, you should check out one of the recent success stories from Kickstarter and start getting excited. Want to hook up things to the Web? Maybe you want to get a tweet when your laundry's done, or get an email when the basement floods while you're on vacation. Well you'll soon [...]

Peel TV Control and Spotify Box Prototype Win Interaction Awards

Two innovative new connected home products have been recognised in the first Interaction Awards. The Peel TV controller which we first covered back in June last year and the Spotify Box Player prototype designed by Swedish student Jordi Parra, which we featured way back in April, were amongst the winners in these Google sponsored awards [...]

Spotify Box Player Prototype ROCKS!

If there was ever a concept product that should be brought to market ASAP, Spotify Box is the one. This prototype player (at least in this walkthough) can easily be configured over the network with your PC and is able to auto-play your Spotify playlists using magnetized RFID discs. Once the music begins playing, users [...]

Smart Mirror and Kitchen Demo at Disney Innoventions Dream Home

[ ?posts_id=1011410&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] Above is probably the funniest demonstration I've ever seen. It showcases a new technology that converts a large vanity mirror (aka "Magic Mirror") into a virtual wardrobe changer. The technology, from what I can tell, uses a hidden camera and a rear projector to display various information widgets (i.e. [...]