Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Wi-Fi / IR / RF Controller Runs Android Apps, Handles Your Home Theater Gear

Using a smartphone as a universal remote is nothing new. However, a remote that runs a smartphone OS like Android (specifically version 2.1) and has the ability to manage your home theater gear (up to 50 devices!) over Wi-Fi, IR, or RF is. So no matter where you are in the house Conspin's ANDI-ONE [PDF] [...]

Dual-sided Motorola NYXboard IR / RF Remote Now Available for Pre-Order

Pulse-Eight, a XBMC system builder, has just listed Motorola's NYXboard dual-sided remote up for pre-sale on its website for $59.99 (ETA: 6/27/11). The remote was originally intended for TV set-top box use, but apparently Pulse-Eight talked Motorola into letting it sell the XBMC compatible remote on its own. The NYXboard is IR and RF capable [...]

Adesso WKB-4200UB Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

If the slew of QWERTY keyboards recently launched for your HTPC haven't fit the bill, have a look at Adesso's latest full size, 30 foot range, 2.4Ghz RF wireless multimedia keyboard. What makes the $119.99 Adesso RF SlimTouch Pro Touchpad Keyboard (WKB-4200UB) different from most other wireless keyboards is that it places the built-in touchpad (with [...]

Gyration R4000 Air Music Remote

Above is a pic of the Gyration R4000 Air Music Remote that I captured at CONNECTIONS 2008. The notable difference of this model from its predecessor is that it now offers button/screen backlighting (in blue) and an LCD screen display that you can use to scroll through and playback your PC's Windows Media or iTunes [...]