AT&T Launches Nationwide In-Home Service for PC, TV and Home Theater Setup and Support

AT&T Inc. announced today the launch of AT&T ConnecTech — a 50-state, all-encompassing home services care program that is designed to take customer service, and the company's own support capabilities, to the next level. Building on the company's leadership in communications, customer care and digital entertainment, AT&T ConnecTech provides a full suite of in-home services for [...]

Embedded Automation Announces mHome Power Management Module

Today, Embedded Automation announced its mHome Power Management Module. The mHome Power Management Module, which provides real-time energy usage information and control functionality, is available as an add-in to Embedded Automation's mHome products, including the award-winning mControl Digital Home Software and soon to be released mPanel Digital Home Portal. Initially supporting the TED (The Energy [...]