Popcorn Hour and PopBox Become the First Media Streamers to Support Matroska 3D Video

Syabas, the parent company of Popcorn Hour and PopBox, is announcing that their media streamers are now the first devices of their kind to support the new Matroska 3D video format. All that's needed to enable this feature is a firmware update, which they already showed off at CES this past January. According to the [...]

Popcorn Hour Announces the Next Generation C-200 Networked Media Tank

Available this July, the new C-200 ($299) will become Popcorn Hour's most advanced media adapter in its crop of products. In fact, it's more than just a media adapter compatible with all your favorite media file types. The C-200 offers a new A/V component form factor, a wireless RF remote, a front panel LCD display [...]

MediaMall PlayOn Now Also Compatible with Popcorn Hour’s Networked Media Tank

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VdTnpOilXM] If you liked the previous story on ‘Yet Another Movie Jukebox’ Plugin for Popcorn Hour’s Networked Media Tank, you're going to enjoy this one as well. It turns out you can now use MediaMall's PlayOn application with your Popcorn Hour NMT and view Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, and other content directly from the [...]

‘Yet Another Movie Jukebox’ Plugin Adds Enhanced Movie Navigation to Popcorn Hour’s Networked Media Tank

Over the weekend I was trying to track down some digital media adapters that were capable of playing DVD movie ISO files and I stumbled on a YouTube video of Popcorn Hour's Networked Media Tank (which does, by the way, support ISO playback) running a plugin called Yet Another Movie Jukebox (YAMJ). A quick search [...]

Popcorn Hour WN-100 Wireless USB Adapter Released for the Networked Media Tank

Sweetness. Popcorn Hour has just added a $37 802.11n (draft 2.0) USB 2.0 Wi-Fi adapter to their product line up that supports all Networked Media Tank models (A-100, A-110, B-110). The WN-100 features support for WEP / WPA / WPA1 and WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryptions and mechanisms, leverages MIMO and CCA technology for outstanding performance, [...]

New Popcorn Hour A-110 & B-110 Now Available for Pre-Order

Details direct from the manufacture: Popcorn Hour A-110 The Popcorn Hour A-110 is a enhanced version of the popular A-100 model. It adds support for 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD and USB Slave functionality to improve connectivity and transfer rates. HDMI has been updated to the 1.3a spec, allowing full support of HD Audio pass-through for DTS HD-HR, DTS HD-MA, [...]

How-To Video: Install a Hard Drive into Popcorn Hour

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER1k00OQTEQ] Jeremey Jones at Multimedia-PCs seems to be enjoying his $179 Popcorn Hour A-100 digital media adapter. Jeremy has just published a video demonstrating how easy it is to install a hard drive into Popcorn Hour for use with its BitTorrent downloader functionality — surprisingly, there's a lot room to add one of these (referring to [...]