REVIEW: Pogoplug Network USB Storage Adapter

The Pogoplug has been out for a few months now and recently added some new social sharing features, so I decided to see if I could get my hands on one to keep and review. One thing I noticed, though, is that many of the past Pogoplug reviewers just talked about how to attach the Pogoplug [...]

GeekBrief TV Demos PogoPlug

[youtube=] I was browsing some of my YouTube subscriptions and I stumbled on an episode of Geekbrief TV from July (#590) that I thought you folks might like (I know I did). Cali Lewis goes through the process of unboxing a PogoPlug and then configuring it in real-time. Cali also demos the remote media streaming functionality [...]

New ‘Extendable’ Pogoplug NAS Adapter for External USB Storage Drives to Be Released This March

One of the biggest problems for people who aren't very tech savvy is getting network devices configured and running on their home LAN – let alone setting up remote access, if the device is capable of such a feat. Being the case, Cloud Engine has set out to create a NAS adapter called Pogoplug for [...]