Pogoplug Mobile Makes Streaming to and Backing Up Your Smartphone or Tablet a Breeze

Looking for a drop-dead simple solution for streaming media (photos, music, video) and accessing files from home on your smartphone or tablet? Or how about backing up your smartphone's recently taken photos and video? Well, Pogoplug's new $79 Pogoplug Mobile product offers to do just that. Similar to the original Pogoplug that transforms your external [...]

Add Your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs to Your ‘Personal Cloud’ with Pogoplug Software

Finding an easy way to share and access your files and media is always a challenge. Sure, you can pay a cloud service like Dropbox to host your files or setup a dynamic DNS to access your computer or NAS server remotely. But what if you could just install a piece of software on your [...]

Pogoplug Pro Launches – Now in Black with Wi-Fi Built-in

If you've been on the fence about buying a Pogoplug because of the hideous pink and white color scheme or lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, you now have a new and better option. Pogoplug has just launched the Pogoplug Pro model for $99, which you can pick up today at Best Buy. The new unit makes [...]

Pogoplug Now Functions As a Print Server

Pogoplug keeps getting more and more useful by the day. The company is announcing that they are now shipping their Pogoplug Wireless Extender we told you about recently and are including a new feature to the firmware that will enable the device to function as a print server. According to the press release, Pogoplug will [...]

Pogoplug Goes Wireless

Pogoplug, in a generous move, has just announced that they will begin giving away a free wireless 802.11n extender to all current Pogoplug owners to celebrate the introduction of its newly enabled feature, as well as to just say thanks for everyone's early support. Details for the promo will be posted on the company's facebook [...]

Seagate Expands GoFlex Line of Networked Home Storage Products

Earlier this year Seagate introduced the Pogoplug-powered FreeAgent GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device, featuring a unique dual dock design for pairing with GoFlex ultra-portable drives (MSRP $99 - Ethernet connectivity only). Now Seagate is introducing a slightly different package that may entice the average PC/Mac user once again. The company's new GoFlex Home Network Storage System [...]

Pogoplug Adds Media Streaming and Active Copy Folder Backups

Big news for current and prospective Pogoplug users. The company today is announcing that the device will support music, photo, and video streaming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (I'm waiting to hear back if it's designed to work with any DLNA/UPnP enabled device - see response below). In addition, the Pogoplug can now be [...]

Second Generation Pogoplug Unveiled

I was lucky enough to attend Cloud Engine's launch party for the second generation Pogoplug on Thursday night and came away impressed by the device's potential. The new direction, we were told, for the Pogoplug is for it to become more of a Internet media streaming and sharing storage device with social networking features. The first [...]