PLANEX Launches a Gigabit USB + SD Card Slot Network Media Server Adapter in Japan

Got to love this! PLANEX has just launched a new product in Japan that the rest of the world will desperately want when they get wind of it. The MZK-SNG02U is network adapter similar to other "plug computers" in that it can turn your external USB hard drive into a NAS device, but this one [...]

Amahi ‘Plug Edition’ Released – Brings Amahi Home Server to Plug Computers

Plug computers have been a big hit among hobbyists and CE companies who mainly use them for network storage and media server streaming. Lately, however, many of these products — like the Stratus (pictured here) — have gained Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zwave (home automation) functionality that only an optimized home server OS can take advantage of. To [...]