Plex Partners with CenterStage to Provide Users an Enhanced Interface

When I first heard the news that Plex (aka OSXMBC) and CenterStage were getting together, I was under the impression they were going to merge the two projects. However, that's not entirely the case. Elan, Plex's lead developer, explains in his announcement comments that Plex will remain the backend (bypassing BackStage) and that the CenterStage [...]

OSXBMC Re-Branded as Plex

In an attempt to differentiate itself from XBMC (and any other “Media Center” app), the XMBC splinter group (formerly known as OSXBMC) had decided to rename their project Plex – actually Plex2 since the domain was already taken. So what does this mean to Mac OS X users running OSXMBC? Not much other than [...]