Sony’s New Cone-shaped HomeShare Network Speaker Lets You Beam Music to It via DLNA

Last night I was looking for a wireless speaker that lets you beam music to it like the new crop of AirPlay compatible speakers, but with DLNA. I've seen demos of this using Windows Media Player's "Play To" functionality, but haven't actually seen any DLNA wireless speaker products on the market — Internet radio boomboxes [...]

LG Optimus 7 Play To / DLNA Streaming Demo

Thinking about picking up a Windows Phone 7 handset? You'll happy to learn that some models will have Play To functionality built-in (compare U.S. models) and working out of the box. Attached here is a demo of the new LG Optimus 7 phone streaming photo, music, and video content from the handset to a DLNA compatible [...]

WD TV Live HD Gets a New Windows Sticker and ‘Play To’ Functionality

Microsoft has blessed Western Digital's HD network media player with Windows 7 compatibility. So, in addition to being a perfectly capable UPnP client, WD TV Live HD now supports Play To functionality directly from Windows Media Player 12. In other words, just about any media file accessible by Windows Media Player can be zapped to [...]

Windows 7 ‘Play To’ Demonstration

[youtube=] Attached above is a video of Microsoft's Brad Brooks demonstrating Windows 7 Play To (earlier coverage) at a launch party in New York. What's amazing is that a humble laptop (Dell XPS 16) is able to serve up photo, music, and video content to 15 DLNA certified devices with only a 54% CPU load. Brooks [...]