Indigo 5.0 Released by Perceptive Automation

The top supplier of Mac-based home automation software, Perceptive Automation, has announced the instant accessibility of Indigo 5, an upgrade to the company’s automation server and intelligent home control for Mac OS X. With Indigo, users are able to easily monitor and control lawn sprinklers, thermostats, appliances and lights, as well as dozens of other [...]

Indigo 4.0 Home Automation Software for Mac OS X Released (Now with iPhone Support)

[youtube=] Perceptive Automation is announcing today that its Mac OS X home automation software has received a major upgrade and will now function in tandem with the iPhone / iPod touch to control INSTEON and X10 adapters over Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. Indigo 4.0 is now available in two versions: Indigo Lite ($89.95) and Indigo Pro [...]