App Discovery Not a High Priority for Connected TV Owners

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, is out with a new Digital Home Observatory report which finds that Connected TV and Smart TV owners rarely seek out new apps to use other than the ones they are already familiar with on their PC, tablet, games console or smartphone devices. If they do venture out, however, they're usually [...]

Grace Digital Audio Intros the Pandora-loving GDI-IR2550p Wi-Fi Internet Radio

If you're a fan (or not) of Pandora on your PC, you might want to take notice of the Grace DDI-IR2550p Wi-Fi Internet radio which features integrated Pandora thumbs up / thumbs down and pause / play controls. The radio works with both Pandora's free and premium ad-free service. In addition, it's compatible with iHeartRadio, [...]

Pandora Game Console / Handheld PC Nears Launch

This is kind of exciting — in a geeky sort of way. The open source Pandora handheld is just about ready to launch judging by the latest demo videos posted on the project's blog. I always knew the Pandora guys were basing the gaming device on Linux and using emulation software, but I had no [...]

$36/yr Pandora One Subscription Plan Launched

Pandora today has unveiled its new $36 a year subscription plan that they hope will entice users to upgrade (and keep the company profitable). The new Pandora One plan [FAQ] provides 192Kbps audio streams (the highest bitrate stream currently on the Net), the removal of in-stream and webpage ads, 8 custom skins to personalize your [...]

Reciva Expands Pandora’s Service to Multiple Internet Radio Devices

Last April we were introduced to the first Wi-Fi Internet Radio to natively support Pandora and its thumbs up / down song voting feature called the Livio Radio. Now, Reciva, the folks behind the device's server software, is announcing that a total of 5 CE manufactures (C Crane Co., Grace Digital, Livio, Sonora Audio, Tanget [...]

Livio Radio Brings Pandora Song Preference Voting to Wi-Fi Radio

Sure, we've all seen Wi-Fi radios that make use of Reciva's 11,000+ collection of Internet radio stations. But now we're getting a new twist. A company called Livio is announcing the availability of the first Wi-Fi radio to incorporate Pandora's signature "thumbs up, thumbs down" controls on both the radio itself and its remote, thus [...]

Boxee Adds Pandora, PBS Content and a New (Hulu Friendly) Enhanced Browser

The title pretty much says it all. Highlights include custom channels for Pandora Internet radio, RadioTime and PBS content. The guys at Boxee note that the Pandora app was created using the "more robust" Boxee API that allows developers to easily create apps using XML and Python. Boxee says: "Developers can now do pretty much [...]

Question: Which Netflix Streamer Solution Are You Considering As a Non-Xbox 360/TiVo Owner?

I'm curious what non-Xbox 360/TiVo owners are most likely considering buying for streaming Netflix video to their HDTVs. On one hand you have the $99 Netflix Player by Roku and on the other you have the sub-$350 Blu-ray players from Samsung (BD-P2500) and LG (BD300) – all of which offer HDMI out, upgradeable firmware for [...]