ABC to Follow FOX and Delay Web Access to Newly Aired TV Shows (Do You Care?)

ABC's CEO Bob Iger just told investors that the company will soon be rolling out their own authentication scheme that will delay recently aired TV shows by 8-days to the public, but not to partner cable subscribers. This is a move similar to what FOX implemented on August 15th, but Iger spells the reason out as [...]

The Movie ‘The Tunnel’ Will Be Distributed FREE via BitTorrent and for Purchase on DVD

This is a "disruptive" idea. The filmakers behind the upcoming Australian horror flick, The Tunnel, have somehow got their DVD distribution partner, Paramount Pictures, to allow the crew to simultaneously release their film FREE to the world via BitTorrent. The idea is to get the movie into as many people's hands as possible, build buzz, [...]

VUDU Hogging Up Your Bandwidth? reporter, Lee Gomes, is shedding light on an interesting fact that many of VUDU's customers are probably not aware of. The problem Gomes points out is that VUDU is not being totally transparent that their video on-demand boxes function as peer-to-peer nodes downloading and sharing bits of digital information with other users throughout the [...]