Nokia Jumps in Head First with a Slew of NFC + Bluetooth Wireless Music Devices

I'm still in awe of Nokia's newly introduced N9 smartphone. However, Nokia pulled out another show stopper today, a new line of wireless music devices. The company is introducing NFC + Bluetooth equipped wireless headphones, portable Hi-Fi speaker (Play 360° - €149), and wireless music receiver adapter for your home stereo (MD-310 - €59). There's also a [...]

Rumor: Nokia May Launch First MeeGo Tablet Q4 2010

Digitimes is teasing readers by stating that their senior research analyst has information supporting that Nokia will be launching an ARM-based, MeeGo-powered tablet PC in Q4 2010. The 7 or 9-inch tablet will be manufactured by the notorious Foxconn and will be pitched to Nokia's telecom partners for retail sale. Until more details are brought to [...]

MeeGo Prepping to Compete with Android

For those unfamiliar with MeeGo, MeeGo is a Linux-based open source software operating system announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year that combines the technologies of Intel's Moblin (netbook OS) and Nokia's Maemo (mobile/MID OS) projects. MeeGo is sponsored by the Linux Foundation and is now getting set to go mainstream and compete head-to-head [...]

Microsoft and Google Flirting with the Idea of Releasing Their Own Tablets? has posted an article on the upcoming rivals to Apple's iPad. What's interesting is that the post has a quick blurb stating: "Microsoft is considering building its own slate hardware to try to offer as cohesive a package as Apple and the other competitors." Interesting, being that in the context of the statement there [...]

Could the PS3 Controller Hack for the Nokia N900 Signal A New Direction for Mobile Gaming?

I have to admit. I'm fascinated by the hack shown here on video and its potential. What you're looking at is a TV-connected Nokia N900 Internet Tablet/Mobile Phone, running SNES emulation software, paired to a Bluetooth PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller. After watching the video you can easily imagine your MID/Mobile Phone/Internet Tablet doubling as your [...]

Nokia Unveils the Nokia Home Music Wi-Fi Radio

Very nice. Nokia Europe has unveiled their first Internet radio device for the consumer market. The Nokia Home Music offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity making it capable of tapping into 1000s of Internet radio stations. In adddition, the Nokia Home Music provides a built-in FM radio tuner and can stream music from network devices via [...]

Nokia Takes Control of Your Computer’s iTunes

The newest member to the Media Maestro LSX family, Media Maestro Mini, a free download as part of the Media Maestro LSX remote control software solution, makes its way on to more devices. Maestro Mini now lets users turn their Nokia web tablet (N770, N800, N810) into a wireless remote control for Apple iTunes or [...]