Niveus Media Goes All-in on Project Snowbird, Drops Consumer Windows Media Center HTPC Product Line

This is a bit of a surprise. Niveus Media is confirming that they have stopped making their high-end HTPC systems for consumers based on Windows Media Center. Instead the company will now be 100% focused on their new "TV Everywhere" platform dubbed Project Snowbird, which enables Cable and Satellite operators to securely stream their content [...]

Niveus Media Adds SIRIUS / XM Satellite Radio to 2010 Windows 7 Media Center Servers and Players

A quick search on the web shows that there's a lot interest in a SIRIUS Internet Radio plug-in for Windows Media Center, but no one has created one — until now. The good news is that 2010 Niveus Media Server / Player owners will get Niveus' new SIRIUS XM plug-in out of the box (requires [...]

Niveus ZONE PRO Multi-Room Media Solution

Niveus Media today is announcing the addition of the Niveus ZONE PRO to the ZONE family of multi-room, small form factor Blu-ray HTPC products. The new ZONE PRO ($1,999) is now three times faster than the original ZONE ($1,499) and includes a solid state drive to make the player even quieter than it was before [...]

Niveus Media Lauches the Niveus ZONE Media Player

On the surface the Niveus ZONE comes across as being a media streamer of some sorts, but it's actually a mini, mult-zone Windows Media Center PC that's capable of accessing content from a central home server, network storage shares, and other PCs. The ZONE comes equipped with a DVD/Blu-ray slot loading drive and is able [...]

Windows Home Server CES 2009 Showcase

If you've been curious about the direction of Windows Home Server, you'll be interested to see [WMV HQ] what the Director of the platform, Todd Headric, has to say to regarding its evolution both in terms of capabilities and product form factors. Servers on display range from a single drive Pico-ITX inspired VIA box [...]

HDGIANTS and Niveus Media Team Up to Deliver HD Movies to Niveus Product Owners

In an effort to provide Niveus Media Server and Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition owners a higher end movie experience, Niveus Media has integrated the ability for people to download HD quality feature films from HDGIANTS' movie collection directly through the company's Niveus Movie Library application. The Niveus Movie Library, for those unfamiliar, is [...]

Niveus Brings Unified Search to Windows Media Center

Niveus Media, Inc. announces beta availability of the new unified Niveus Search, which enables easy retrieval of content accessible across the local network and Internet. The patent-pending Niveus Search offers Windows Vista ® Media Center users an easy-to-use, 10’ interface that provides an all encompassing scan of both the Media Center and Internet sources. No longer [...]

Niveus Media’s 2009 Pro Series n9 Media Server to Support 10 Extenders and 8 CableCARDs

Niveus Media is invigorating the whole-home TV viewing experience by announcing that select Niveus media servers will simultaneously support up to eight digital cable (CableCARD) tuners and ten Media Center Extenders. Announcing availability concurrently with the introduction of the 2009 Niveus media server line, boasting impressive enhancements in processing and performance, Niveus now doubles the [...]