Nokia Jumps in Head First with a Slew of NFC + Bluetooth Wireless Music Devices

I'm still in awe of Nokia's newly introduced N9 smartphone. However, Nokia pulled out another show stopper today, a new line of wireless music devices. The company is introducing NFC + Bluetooth equipped wireless headphones, portable Hi-Fi speaker (Play 360° - €149), and wireless music receiver adapter for your home stereo (MD-310 - €59). There's also a [...]

Lockitron Turns Your Door Lock Into a Wirelessly Controlled Mechanism (Supports NFC, Too!)

If you have the desire for wireless entry to your home, as well as for friends and family, have a look at Lockitron's new $295 offering. The company will ship out a deadbolt, door handle / knob, buzzer, or mortise compatible door lock, with matching finish when possible, to your home that you can install. [...]