Neuros Takes the Lead with Tablet Integration for Its Neuros LINK

We've heard the rumors for a while that the future Apple TV / iTV will possibly have iPad integration — in what form, we don't know. Well, Neuros Technology doesn't care to wait and find out. The company has just added a $149.99 7-inch Android tablet ($99 promo until 8/26/10) to its line of products [...]

Neuros LINK – $300 Internet TV Set-Top / Entertainment PC

Ok. So I'm a little puzzled and intrigued by what the Neuros LINK is supposed to be exactly. A quick once over reveals that Neuros is intent on jumping on the Internet TV bandwagon by releasing a set-top capable of providing access to content from popular online video portals like Hulu, YouTube, Fancast, NBC, CNN, [...]