Roku Now Licensing Its Platform to Third Party OEMs

We knew something was up when we first got wind of the Roku-powered NETGEAR media streamer. Now we have official confirmation, in the form of a press release, from Roku that states that they are now licensing their hardware and software platform to third parties. The first licensee is NETGEAR who has already begun selling [...]

Netgear Rebrands Roku’s XD Player as the Netgear NTV250

So the Netgear product label we spotted at the FCC, with Roku's name on it, now has its purpose. Netgear has rebranded Roku's new XD player as the Netgear NTV250 — available now at Fry's. What's interesting is the list price shown at Fry's is $90.49, but you get an instant $10.50 savings bring the [...]