Netflix App Hits the Chrome Web Store (Limited to Chrome OS on Linux)

Good news and bad. Netflix is now available as a web app for Chrome OS through Google's Chrome Web Store [Twitter announcement]. Bad news is that it does not support other Linux-based operating systems that can run Google's Chrome browser at the moment. The web app also appears to be working fine with Windows and Mac OS X [...]

No Streaming-only Service from Comcast on the Horizon

Comcast's CEO told analysts earlier this week that the company has no plans to offer a streaming-only service to non-subscribers which could theoretically run on the Boxee Box or Roku. The CEO makes clear that previous efforts like "proved unprofitable." It's worth pointing out, though, that a free service like Fancast is different than an IPTV service that folks [...]

App Discovery Not a High Priority for Connected TV Owners

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, is out with a new Digital Home Observatory report which finds that Connected TV and Smart TV owners rarely seek out new apps to use other than the ones they are already familiar with on their PC, tablet, games console or smartphone devices. If they do venture out, however, they're usually [...]

Netflix Relief Fund Seeks Your Help

I'm rolling on the floor laughing. It appears Funny or Die must have read my post: "Lots of Whining over Netflix’s Price Hikes; Is It Really All That Bad?" — or at least they were thinking the same thing. The spoof, which uses the Twitter hashtag #NetflixReliefFund, begs you to donate $6/mo to help a [...]

Nielsen Survey Reveals How People Prefer to Use Hulu vs. Netflix

Kudos to Nielsen. The company has conducted a survey which reveals how people actually use Hulu and Netflix. Not surprisingly, people like watching TV shows on Hulu (73%) and movies primarily via Netflix (53%), which makes sense since Hulu is made up of TV network content (well, at least a majority of it is) and Netflix [...]

75% of Netflix’s New Subscribers in Q2 2011 Chose a Streaming-only Plan

Wow, the title says it all, right? If you were wondering why Netflix decided to split streaming access as its own product, now you know why (in part). According to Netflix's Q2 investor letter [PDF], customers have really taken to streaming movies and TV shows over waiting for DVDs by mail. In fact, Netflix states [...]

Blockbuster Entices Netflix Defectors with $9.99/mo 1 Disc At a Time, Unlimited In-store Exchange Plan

Have proof you're a disgruntled Netflix subscriber? If yes, make your way over to Blockbuster's landing page for a special promo and 30-day free trial. The company is offering a $9.99 a month 1 disc at a time plan that will give members access to new releases 28 days before the competition, access to games, [...]

Lots of Whining over Netflix’s Price Hikes; Is It Really All That Bad?

Guys, guys... settle down. Netflix price hikes aren't as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Sure, $9.99 for unlimited streaming + 1 DVD out a time was nice while it lasted, but $15.98 isn't that bad. If one compares it to Blockbuster by Mail, Netflix's offering is still a heck of a [...]