Roku’s Netflix Player Gets Instant HD and a New Channel Home Screen

The day many of you Netflix Player by Roku owners have been waiting for has arrived. As of this week your favorite little $99 box will now support Instant HD video streaming from Netflix. In addition, Roku has added a new home screen that in the future will become your gateway to third party content. [...]

Question: Which Netflix Streamer Solution Are You Considering As a Non-Xbox 360/TiVo Owner?

I'm curious what non-Xbox 360/TiVo owners are most likely considering buying for streaming Netflix video to their HDTVs. On one hand you have the $99 Netflix Player by Roku and on the other you have the sub-$350 Blu-ray players from Samsung (BD-P2500) and LG (BD300) – all of which offer HDMI out, upgradeable firmware for [...]

Roku to “Open” Netflix Player to Third Parties

In a surprise announcement at Streaming Media West, Roku CEO, Anthony Wood, told attendees: “We’re opening up the [Netflix Player] platform to anyone who wants to put their video service on this box. We’re going to release the software developer kit, so anyone can publish any channel, and users can access web content on their [...]