Nielsen Finds ‘Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows’

Deciding between an eReader and a tablet is a tough decision for most folks. Tablets provide all the functionality of an eReader through an app, while eReaders by design provide a more soothing reading experience for the eyes — not to mention they're a whole lot cheaper and less energy demanding. So, if you're still [...]

Dell’s New Inspiron Duo Netbook / Tablet Hybrid Raises Eyebrows at IDF 2010

We're all familiar with the original Tablet PCs that feature the hinge-based twist-and-fold display that lays flat to input data. Now, Dell is introducing a new form factor that swivels a display in its curved bezel to lay down even flatter and transform from an Atom-powered netbook to a media tablet with its own tablet [...]

Google Targeting Chrome OS to Netbooks Only – Expect a Big Showing at CES 2011

TechRadar is reporting that Google's Chrome OS (based on Chromium OS), according to a Google senior product manager for the project, will only be targeted to netbooks at this time — even though the OS supports touch capabilities. It makes sense, if you think about it. The tablet, as of late, has gained success as [...]

Ubuntu Wants to ‘Bring the Sexy Back’ to Netbooks (Specifically ARM-based Netbooks)

Attached here is a demo of Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.07 for ARM processors running on a 1Ghz Freescale i.MX51 Pegatron netbook reference design. UNE 10.07 (releasing this July) will support Cortex-A8, multi-core A9 processors and will take full advantage of ARM's multimedia processing and power efficiencies. UNE — though not mentioned in the video here — will [...]

Compaq AirLife 100 – The Netbook a Smartphone (or Tablet) User Would Love

I'll be the first to admit it. I wasn't too keen on hearing that netbook makers were considering using Android as a netbook OS last year. However, since then a little machine called the Compaq AirLife 100 made an appearance at CES 2010 and pulled on my heart strings for attention. I mean, seriously... how [...]

Deloitte Predicts Tens of Millions Internet Tablets Will Be Sold in 2010

Analyst firm, Deloitte, predicts 2010 will be the break through year for Internet Tablets (aka WebPads, SmartPads, NetTabs, Slate). Reason being, device manufactures working on such devices have shifted the product's focus from "work-oriented data-entry" to web browsing and media consumption. Deloitte also believes that manufactures are finally nailing down the form factor to an [...]

Always Innovating Prepping an Innovative Combo Netbook / Touch Tablet Called the Touch Book

This has got to be bar far one of the most impressive pieces of hardware I've seen in quite some time. The Touch Book, by a small California startup called Always Innovating, is designed to work both as a netbook (with an unheard of 10-15 hour battery life) when attached to its keyboard dock or [...]