It’s a Miracle! Data Robotics Launches Drobo FS with Built-In NAS Functionality

I like the opening of the Drobo FS product overview: "You told us what you wanted, and we listened." Yeah, like three years later - hehehe. I think everyone was impressed by the original Drobo back in 2007, but not everyone was pleased that it could only be used with the PC it was attached [...]

Second Generation Pogoplug Unveiled

I was lucky enough to attend Cloud Engine's launch party for the second generation Pogoplug on Thursday night and came away impressed by the device's potential. The new direction, we were told, for the Pogoplug is for it to become more of a Internet media streaming and sharing storage device with social networking features. The first [...]

Iomega Announces the StorCenter ix2-200 ‘Green’ Network Storage Appliance

If you remember about a year ago, Iomega released the first StorCenter ix2. Today the company is announcing the next-generation version of their product, the StorCenter ix2-200, with a refreshed design, energy-efficient hard drives, and newly added support for BitTorrent downloads and Time Machine backup for Mac OS X. Like its predecessor, the StorCenter ix2-200 [...]

REVIEW: Pogoplug Network USB Storage Adapter

The Pogoplug has been out for a few months now and recently added some new social sharing features, so I decided to see if I could get my hands on one to keep and review. One thing I noticed, though, is that many of the past Pogoplug reviewers just talked about how to attach the Pogoplug [...]

QNAP NMP-1000 Networked Multimedia Player

We first got a glimpse of the QNAP NMP-1000 at CeBIT back in March. The device, which has just now been released to the public, provides four essential duties: 1) playback of stored media from its 3.5-inch SATA HDD to a TV; 2) a central location for networked PCs to send their shared media; 3) [...]

NETGEAR Stora NAS Home Server

Today NETGEAR is introducing a new 2-bay home media server called Stora, which has been designed for "non-technical" users. The consumer-friendly NAS provides remote file access and music streaming from any Internet location via, is DLNA / UPnP compatible (works with DLNA-enabled photo frames, media adapters, game consoles), has the ability to export photos [...]

Belkin Home Base 4-Port Wireless USB Hub / NAS Adapter / DLNA Server

Oh, my.... Belkin has stepped up to the plate with a seriously heavy handed hitter. The company is introducing the most advanced 4-port wireless USB hub we've seen to date. The $129.99 Belkin Home Base offers 1Ghz of processing power, 802.11n / Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, network access to USB storage / printers / cameras / [...]

LG Intros the N2R1 NAS with Built-In Wi-Fi and DVD Re-Writer

It's about time a CE manufacture thought: "Hey, wouldn't it be nice if our NAS had Wi-Fi and a DVD burner built-in?" Congrats, LG, I wholeheartedly agree. LG's new N2R1 NAS in 1TB ($299) and 2TB ($399) configurations is an attention grabber. The N2R1 can be configured in RAID 0/1, transfer files over 802.11g (sorry [...]