Buffalo Unveils the V-Series LinkStation NAS Product Line

It's been a while since we've heard from Buffalo Technology. The company today is introducing its new V-Series family of LinkStation NAS products which all come equipped with a relatively powerful 1.6GHz processor. The focus of the product is to manage digital assets, provide users remote file access, and stream media to DLNA-enabled connected devices. [...]

VidaBox CubeCase Server / Media Center Mini-ITX Enclosure

If you're on the lookout for a compact enclosure with plenty of storage space and good ventilation for your next Windows Home Server, NAS, or HTPC project, have a look at VidaBox's latest enclosure addition. The VidaBox CubeCase is a Mini-ITX aluminum and steel chassis that provides room for a 5.25-inch optical drive, 3 x [...]

QNAP Releases the Updated NMP-1000P Networked Media Player

It's been exactly one year since QNAP launched the NMP-1000 Networked Media Player. Now, QNAP is replacing that model with the NMP-1000P, a device that features Sigma Designs' latest chip capable of full 1080p HD video with Dolby and DTS multi-channel surround sound. This product, unlike most of its media streamer competitors, can double as [...]

3 Reasons Why Personal Cloud Services Need to Be Home Server Based

Originally I was going to write a post on a cool new service called ZumoCast for Windows and Mac PCs that enables iPad owners to stream media files instantly from their home computer for playback without taking up any storage on their device. But then I got to thinking... there's something wrong here. 1. No one [...]

Seagate Expands GoFlex Line of Networked Home Storage Products

Earlier this year Seagate introduced the Pogoplug-powered FreeAgent GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device, featuring a unique dual dock design for pairing with GoFlex ultra-portable drives (MSRP $99 - Ethernet connectivity only). Now Seagate is introducing a slightly different package that may entice the average PC/Mac user once again. The company's new GoFlex Home Network Storage System [...]

QNAP Expands NAS Server Online Streaming Capabilities to Devices Like the iPad

QNAP NAS owners and prospective buyers will happy to learn that firmware update v3.3 brings a whole host of new functions and media streaming features that will allow you to access your stored music, photo, video from Internet using your PC/mobile web browser. In fact, you can now create music playlists for remote access, showcase [...]

LaCie Intros the Dual-HDD/RAID Network Space MAX

Everyone is familiar with LaCie's Network Space line of NAS products. Now, LaCie has add a new member to the family called Network Space MAX that features two hard disk drives that can be configured in RAID 0 (combined capacity) or RAID 1 (mirrored to protect against drive failure) configurations. Other niceties include Gigabit Ethernet, [...]

Monster DIY NAS ‘Black Dwarf’ Build Documented on Video

In many ways the attached DIY video presented here is better than the "Iron Man" film, except the creator, Will Urbina, isn't making a military grade exoskelton, but an insanely capable networked attached storage (NAS) server for home and work use. In fact, the video got me all nostalgic thinking about the days I used [...]