Freescale’s Sub-$200 Tablets to Be Compatible with Linux, Chromium OS, Android

Attached here is a video from Mobile World Congress 2010 with Freescale's product manager of software development explaining that Freescale's sub-$200 ARM (i.MX51 Cortex-A8) tablets will be compatible with just about any Linux distribution that supports ARM processors like Ubuntu, Chromium OS, and Android. And not only that... Freescale's tablets are able to play Flash [...]

Android Tablets on Parade at Mobile World Congress 2010

CES 2010 had no shortage of Android tablets on display and the same is happening at Mobile World Congress 2010. Attached below are select videos found via YouTube and other sites being introduced by various manufactures. While some are protoypes, others are actually coming to market at some point in the near future. I'll keep [...]

Notion Ink Adam Demonstrated on the Eve of Its MWC 2010 Debut

The folks at Technoholik, an ET Now television production, were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Notion Ink's Founder and Creative Director, Rohan Shravan, on the eve of Adam's debut at MWC 2010. In the video we get confirmation that the Adam tablet shown is the final design (it's just like the pics we [...]

NVIDIA Tegra 2 Demo Shows Flash 10.1 Support and Unreal Tournament Gaming

Excellent! Today we've got two videos showcasing the prowess of the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform. The first video by SlashGear shows the Notion Ink Adam Internet Tablet playing Flash video via Adobe's still-under-development Flash 10.1 plug-in for Android. The second video, recorded by at MWC 2010, shows one Android tablet playing Flash video in [...]