Mvix HDHome Windows 7 Media Center / Home Server Unveiled

MvixUSA has created an attractive, mini-monster entertainment PC for your living room. The HDHome essentially is a Windows 7 Media Center PC with a slot loading Blu-ray drive and 2 or 4 hot-swappable 2.5" HDD bays for RAID storage. HDHome also boasts Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless-N /Bluetooth connectivity. But the interesting thing... Mvix has opted [...]

Mvix Minx HD Home-Theater

Interesting... MvixUSA has jumped into the mini HTPC space and is announcing the availability of Mvix Minx (MX-3250HD) HD Home-Theater. Unlike the current crop of Intel Atom + NVIDIA ION products grabbing the headlines, Mvix Minx leverages AMD's Dual Core 3250e processor and ATI 3200HD graphics (full 1080p decoding & DirectX 10 ready) built on [...]

MvixUSA Demos How to Install BitTorrent and Samba Modules to Mvix Ultio

Funny, it sounded like both BitTorrent and Samba were functions already bundled into Mvix Ultio. In any case, the MvixUSA team shows the procedure for installing and enabling modules like BitTorrent and Samba. The instructions are straightforward. All you really need to do is download the latest "widget pack" from MvixUSA's support site to your [...]