Mvix to Sell J&W’s HTPC/NAS-ready MINIX 890GX Mini-ITX Motherboard

Gotta give credit to Mvix for discovering and locking down a deal to sell Hong Kong based J&W's super MINIX 890GX Mini-ITX motherboard in the US, Canada, and South America. Why super? Check out the following spec. highlights for this $199 board below — in particular the USB 3.0 ports, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and [...]

Mvix Ultio 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player

Mvix today is introducing the Mvix Ultio HDD media player. The device is unique in that the company has decided to open source the firmware code so developers can add new features and applications. Mvix states that any new application that gets rolled into the official firmware will net $500 for the developer (not a [...]

Mvix Unveils the MvixPVR with iPod Docking Support

I just got tipped off that Mvix has a new product set to release that not many people in the States are aware of. The device is called the MvixPVR and it essentially combines a PVR, HDD media player, and an iPod dock all into one device. The MvixPVR is capable of outputting 720p/1080i/1080p video [...]

Mvix DVD Jukebox

Looks like Mvix has got a DVD organizer of their own now. According to the latest MvixUSA newsletter, the company is highlighting a new application called Mvix DVD Jukebox. The new application essentially works to help organize your DVD .ISO collection and sorts them out via a browser interface. Initially, users will have to manually [...]

Mvix Releases 3 TB MivxBOX NAS

Mvix, primarily known for their media servers, has announced a new network attached server called the MvixBOX. This high end device can function as a NAS, a media server, or a web server. It can hold two 1.5 TB drives for a 3 TB total capacity and comes preinstalled with several applications (Apache, MySQL, PHP) [...]