Ubuntu Gains Multitouch Control via Webcam Visual Input

The students at ENAC have got a new trick up their sleeve. Remember, they're the ones who managed to give non-touch enabled software uTouch support in Ubuntu with a technology they call GINN. Now, they're figured out a way to use a standard webcam to track hand gestures and convert them into commands the OS [...]

Kinect Hand Gesture Control for Windows 7 and Media Center Anyone?

Looks like the guys at Evoluce have ran with the newly available OpenKinect drivers (freely available for Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X) and created a new multi-touch experience that we'll all soon get to enjoy. A demo of Evoluce's Kinect-enabled drivers in action are attached below running on a Windows 7 PC, manipulating [...]

Canonical Announces the Release of uTouch for Ubuntu OS

This week Canonical, the backers of Ubuntu, announced that the next release of Ubuntu 10.10 will ship with a multi-touch and gesture stack called uTouch, which integrates all the way down to the kernel level. uTouch will include an open source gesture recognition engine and gesture API that software developers can tap into that will [...]

Microsoft Teases the Twitterverse with What Looks Like a TouchPad Peripheral for Desktops

Kudos to Microsoft's marketing team. They've just made good use of social media for building buzz around an upcoming product. Microsoft's Twitter account, @msfthardware, has posted a couple of obscure tweets [1, 2] and a few twitpics of a new device that could very well be the final version of the touchpad peripheral the company has [...]

N-trig Improves Windows 7 Multi-touch Capabilities for Tablets and PCs

Here's a sneak peek into what your future Windows 7-powered tablet or touch-enabled PC may function like. According to Laptopmag.com, N-trig has partnered with PC OEMs (names undisclosed) to ship tablets and laptops later this year that will run N-trig's custom multi-touch software. Product highlights: 2/3/4-finger support, two-hand support (see: pop-over menus), pen input support. [...]

Apple Unveils the Multi-Touch Magic Mouse

You've got to give credit to Apple for keeping internal product development details locked down. It was just the beginning of this month that everyone on the Net became privy to the news that Microsoft had a crop of multi-touch mice in their labs that were going to revolutionize the peripheral as we knew [...]

The Future of the Mouse Is Multi-Touch

We've seen the humble PC mouse evolve from one button with a trackball to multi-buttons with a scroll wheel and laser tracking. Now that mult-touch is all the rage on laptops, touchscreen PCs, and smartphones, the technology is set to take the mouse and derivitative navigation products into new and exciting realms. Below are two [...]

BumpTop Demos Advanced Multi-Touch Capabilities for Windows 7

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jhoWsHwU7w] You may have seen some of Windows 7's supported multi-touch gestures, but I'm sure you haven't seen anything like BumpTop's multi-touch implementation [full guide] running inside its 3D desktop environment. Personally, I'm torn if this is insanely cool or just over the top and inefficient in real-world use cases (i.e. sitting at your desk trying [...]