MTV Music Meter TV App Destined for Samsung’s Smart TVs

I was just saying the other day that MTV is one of the leaders in Social TV engagement. Now, the company plans to create a TV app for Samsung's Smart TVs that will showcase the top 100 artists beginning talked about across the Web and provide users with related artist audio, video, photos, tweets, news, [...]

Twitter’s Real-time Activity Spills Over to Live TV Engagement

RWW has a great post on "What Glee Means for Twitter & Television." As many of you already know, more and more people are watching TV with their smartphone, tablet, or notebook by their side, updating friends on their viewing activity through various social networks. As such, one can easily follow a status update, fan [...]

Foursquare Dips Its Toes in Social TV

Location check-in service, Foursquare, today is proudly announcing its partnership with Bravo to highlight members' names, faces, and locations who check-in during Andy Cohen’s Live New Year’s Eve Special live on TV. Foursquare writes on its blog: "Bravo is super psyched to give our users the chance to get their face on TV. It’s the [...]