Automatically Download and Transcode Your Favorite TV Shows for Playback in Windows Media Center / Extender

Ben Drawbaugh at Engadget HD has posted an excellent tutorial that shows how one can setup an automated system that will download your favorite TV shows via BitTorrent and then transcode the videos to Windows Media Extender compatible MPEG-2. What's more, the tools he points people to will also apply relevant metadata to the recordings [...]

The Easy Way to Watch High Quality Beyond TV Recordings on a Mac

SnapStream has posted a quick how-to guide for users in a mixed PC home environment. The guide details how to set Beyond TV's browser “play” links function to be compatible with the VLC player on the Mac (and probably on a Linux PC as well). Once that's done, users can seek inside a file, fast-forward, [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Adds FLAC Support and Media Center Extender Compatible DVD Rips

The title pretty much says it all. So, Brian Binnerup has been busy adding new features and squashing bugs on his road to the official, non-beta release of My Movies for Windows Home Server. The two stand-out features in v1.02 users now get to play with is support for FLAC lossless audio CD rips and [...]