Amazon Cloud Drive Offering ‘Unlimited’ MP3 and AAC Music Storage for a Limited Time

Amazon has just beefed up their cloud offering and is enticing new users with a deal that's too good to pass up. For a limited time, Amazon Cloud Drive customers are able to take advantage of free, unlimited music storage with any plan currently available — like the entry level $20/yr for 20GB plan. In [...]

Cloud Storage / Music Services: Ubuntu One vs. Amazon Cloud Drive

Sure, Amazon may have beat Apple and Google at the cloud-based music store game today. However, it seems everyone in the tech news world has selective amnesia and forgot that Ubuntu launched a similar service to Amazon Cloud Drive / Player exactly a year ago. Below is how Amazon's newly announced service compares with Ubuntu [...]

Ubuntu One Music App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is Now AirPlay Capable

This is kind of interesting.... Ubuntu One, Ubuntu's cloud storage locker service with music purchase and multi-device sync support, is now AirPlay capable, thanks to iOS 4.2. What that means, essentially, is that Ubuntu One Music (part of Ubuntu One Mobile) can stream your cloud-stored MP3s directly to an AirPlay compatible device, like the new [...]

Amazon MP3 Store Gets Integrated into doubleTwist

[youtube=] I don't know about you, but I was expecting something more from doubleTwist than just the integration of the Amazon MP3 Store after watching the rather cool "Tyranny of Choice" video that mocks Apple's 1984 parody commercial. In any case, on Oct. 13th doubleTwist users will be able to buy DRM-free music direct from via [...]

New Zune Pass Music Subscription Model Unveiled

Now here's a music subscription model I can endorse! Microsoft is announcing that it has made agreements with major and independent music labels to offer unlimited, on-demand access to its subscription music service, Zune Pass, for $14.99 per month. But the best part... each month subscribers will get to KEEP 10 tracks to add to [...]

Music, Retail and Tech Leaders to Offer “slotMusic”: High Quality, DRM-Free MP3 Music on microSD Cards

Leaders in music, retail and flash memory technology today announced they’re bringing consumers an innovative, new physical music format, dubbed “slotMusic™.” microSD™ cards will soon be made available with pre-loaded, high quality, DRM-free MP3 music of top artists from EMI Music, SONY BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. A selection of slotMusic cards [...]

Yahoo! Music Closing Shop and Pulling DRM License Key Servers September 30, 2008

Bad news Yahoo! Music users (and an other example of why we and others have warned you that DRM sucks for your digital media archive). The service has begun sending out email messages notifying customers that the digital download music service will be discontinued and that the DRM license key servers that allow people to [...]

Dell Adds MP3/WMA/WMV/DVD/HDMI Support and More to Latest Ubuntu Linux PC Offerings

Kudos to Dell for adding support for these popular codecs and technologies out of the box. Multimedia support has been a long time bug-a-boo (mostly on the legal end) since Dell decided to launch their Ubuntu Linux PC lineup last year. However, that's now changed. Dell is now bundling support for popular multimedia codecs [...]