Webian Shell Wants to Make Web Apps First Class Citizens on Your PC, Has Chrome OS in Its Sights

Below is a video demo of a new Mozilla Chromeless project called Webian Shell. Its main goal is to bypass the typical desktop environment and provide users with a new, more web app centric experience — all powered by technologies folks are familiar with: HTML, CSS, Javascript. My first thought when seeing the name was: [...]

MPEG-LA Makes Its H.264 Codec Royalty-free to Content Producers (Mozilla Says It Doesn’t Change a Thing)

The MPEG-LA has just announced that they will never collect royalties from video producers who distribute MPEG-4 content online for free to end users encoded in the H.264 codec. As you can imagine this declaration brings a huge sigh of relief to video podcasters, budding film makers, and the like who were warned earlier this [...]