YouTube Now Renting Premium Movie Titles to Users, Joins the Onslaught of Netflix Rivals

YouTube is ready to go full steam ahead in its mission to bring feature films to users on-demand. It's been talked about since September 2009, but now it's reality. According to YouTube Movie's FAQ, the service will provide 3,000 new movies, for a total of 6,000, from studios like Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate [...]

Warner Bros. Now Renting Movies for Viewing Online Through Its Facebook Page

This is wild. Got 30 Facebook Credits burning a hole in your pocket? Make your way over to and click "Watch" in the menu bar. The studio is using The Dark Knight's Facebook Page to stream the movie directly to users via their browser. Warner Bros. says that "Additional titles will be made available [...]

Google Going ‘All In’ with Books, Movies, and Music in Android Marketplace

Wow, apparently Google wants to turn Android into the ultimate entrainment platform — beyond supporting smartphone and tablet apps. The company has begun flipping the switch on some of its server configured Android Marketplace URLs for books (now live), movies, and music which were discovered last week. So what does this all mean? Google wants [...]

Clicker Analyzes How Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Library Stacks Up Against the Competition

Yesterday Amazon officially announced that its Prime membership holders were now going to be able to stream 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional charge — a definite perk to a $79/yr service which formally only gave members free 2-day shipping or 1-day shipping for $3.99 on all orders. Now that the cat is [...]

Warner Bros. Tries the App Approach for Movie Delivery

Warner Bros. has just announced something special that, unfortunately, will probably (or not?) get pulled any day now for it not meeting Apple's new App Store guidelines that prohibit apps "that are simply songs, movies, or books...." Essentially, what Warner Bros. is introducing is a iPhone / iPod touch / iPad compatible movie app for [...]

Rumor: YouTube Premium Movie Offering in the Works

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is schmoozing leading Hollywood studios to build out a premium pay-per-view movie service on YouTube, with titles being available the same day and date DVDs are released. The new service is planned to possibly launch as early as this year and will provide new releases for around five [...]

Public Libraries Loan Out More Movies Than Big Chain DVD Rental Services, according to a 2010 Report

This is kind of surprising. A recent report, dubbed How libraries stack up: 2010 [PDF], by OCLC found that U.S. public libraries loan out 2.1 million videos every day. In contrast, according to the Hartford Courant, Netflix ships around 2 million DVDs, Redbox 1.4 million, and Blockbuster 1.2 million. The rise in popularity of [...]

Would You Pay $20-30 to View a Theatrical Release At Home?

According to Time Warner Cable Inc. execs speaking at a cable industry convention last week, cable customers may, as early as this Fall, be able to watch a movie that's currently playing in theaters in weeks instead of months at home via on-demand (typically movies hit DVD 4+ months after theatrical release). The privilege to [...]