Tablet Version of Android Most Likely Launching with Honeycomb Release in 2011

Monday night, Google's Andy Rubin, demonstrated a prototype Android tablet to the D: Dive Into Mobile audience. As you can see in the video below, the tablet version of Android (Honeycomb build) is drastically different than the mobile version we're accustomed to. It's much more tablet-friendly you can say... sporting larger icons, a tablet optimized [...]

Android Powered Motorola Tablet with Verizon Wireless / FiOS TV Support Coming in Fall 2010

This is potentially big news. The Financial Times is reporting that Motorola is working with Verizon to release a 10-inch Android tablet in Fall 2010 that will leverage its wireless network for data and have the ability to work with its FiOS TV service, which Motorola has a hand in as well — at the [...]

DROID X HDMI Multimedia Cradle + DLNA Controller Demo

You may have heard the news today that Verizon unveiled the DROID X Android handset designed by Motorola. However, what you may not have heard too much about is that phone has the ability to play local media content like photos, recorded video, music, downloaded movies, etc. through its optional $49.99 Multimedia / Charging Cradle [...]

Motorola Unveils First USB WiMAX Adapter for Laptops

Tired of being tied down to your home's high-speed connection or your cafe's spotty Wi-Fi hotspot? Well then... say hello to the first USB WiMAX adapter for laptops, introduced by Motorola, that aims to take users off the grid and connect them to the Internet at broadband speeds. According to the press release for the [...]