Not All Honeycomb Tablets Are the Same: CNET (Unscientific) Speed Test Edition

CNET just posted a speed test competition video comparing the ASUS Transformer, LG G-Slate, and the Acer Iconia Tab A500 — all of which run Android Honeycomb and leverage NVIDIA's dual-core 1Ghz Tegra 2 processor. The winner of that challenge went on to face the iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM, which previously beat the iPad [...]

Sam’s Club Selling the Wi-Fi Only Motorola XOOM for $539, Undercuts Apple iPad 2 Pricing

Sam's Club just became Motorola's new best friend. The company is selling the 10.1-inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi only XOOM Android tablet for $539. An iPad 2 with 32GB of storage retails for $599. Add a HDMI and SD / USB dongle to the mix for $68 more and the XOOM is $128 cheaper, being that it [...]

Apple Unveils iPad 2; How Does It Stack Up to the Motorola XOOM?

It's a great day for Apple fans. Steve Jobs just unveiled the refreshed iPad, or iPad 2 as it's known. The device, which will be available on March 11th, brings many hardware improvements like a faster dual-core 1Ghz processor, 9x better graphics, rear and front-facing cameras, and a thinner (from 13.4mm to 8.8mm), slightly lighter [...]

Motorola XOOM Gets Priced: $599.99 on Verizon with 2-year Contract

As hard as the blogosphere tried to give Motorola a hard time for pricing the 4G LTE Motorola XOOM at $799 (unsubsidized), we now know officially that the Android Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra 2 toting Motorola XOOM will be available through Verizion for $599.99 with a 2-year contract starting February 24th. A quick check of how much [...]

HP’s New TouchPad Takes Aim at the iPad

If you missed it earlier, HP had a big event and announcement. The company unveiled its new line of webOS devices. Later this year customers will be able to pick up a revamped, HP-branded Pre, called the Pre 3, a new micro sized phone called the Veer, and a new iPad rival dubbed the TouchPad. [...]

See Android’s Honeycomb Tablet OS in Action

OK, you've seen the Honeycomb promo video, as well as the upcoming dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 powered Motorola XOOM tablet. Now, have a look at this hands-on demo of XOOM running Honeycomb live at today's Google event (full video below). Personally, I think the UI looks grown-up and more advanced compared to what iOS currently [...]

Will Apple’s Second Generation iPad Match or Exceed Motorola’s XOOM $699 Price Tag?

Word is Motorola's XOOM tablet will retail for $699 at Best Buy, or $200 more than the entry-level, first generation iPad. The news, obviously, has got a lot a people buzzing — most thinking Motorola is nuts for not offering it anywhere near $499. But the pricing details got me thinking about something entirely different. [...]