Analysts Believe Microsoft Can Still Be a Contender in the Tablet Space

Both Forrester Research and IDC analysts are banging the Microsoft tablet drum. They believe Microsoft can compete with the likes of Android, iOS/iPad, WebOS, but they need hardware partners in order to be successful — and there in lies the problem. HP is going full stream with WebOS after their decision to shelve its Windows Slate [...]

UPDATED: Xbox 360 Kinect Hand Gesture Media Controls, Voice Control, TV Video Chat

You may have heard the news this morning that Microsoft has a unveiled a new gaming controller on the eve of the E3 expo called Kinect (previously known as Project Natal - event highlights). The new controller tracks the movement of a player(s) via the use of cameras on a TV webcam-like device. It's pretty ingenious [...]

Rumor: Microsoft to Debut Hulu Xbox 360 Support at E3 2010

Here's a rumor a lot of people will be keeping their fingers crossed will come true. According to Gear Live, who heard it from a "reliable source (who has never been wrong before)," Microsoft will unveil Hulu as a Xbox LIVE service at E3 (June 15-17). Hulu will supposedly be available through the dashboard and [...]

Microsoft IP Tax Makes Its Way to Linux-based Gadgets

[OPINION] There's a disturbance in the gadget force everyone. You probably aren't aware of it because most you are Mac or Windows users, but those who've been using Linux on the desktop or on servers have known for some time that Microsoft has been bullying Linux software vendors with threats of lawsuits for infringing on [...]

Microsoft and Google Flirting with the Idea of Releasing Their Own Tablets? has posted an article on the upcoming rivals to Apple's iPad. What's interesting is that the post has a quick blurb stating: "Microsoft is considering building its own slate hardware to try to offer as cohesive a package as Apple and the other competitors." Interesting, being that in the context of the statement there [...]

Sneak Peek: Zune HD v4.5 Firmware Update – Adds Smart DJ, Picks, A/V Dock Marketplace Access

If you're a Windows user and you haven't picked up the Zune HD yet, or you're a fan already, have a look at the following demonstration video, recorded by Engadget, of Zune HD's v4.5 firmware update by Zune's Marketing Manager, Michael Yaeger. In the video you'll catch a glimpse of Smart DJ in action (it [...]

One Can Dream… Tablet Concept: Powered by Windows Phone 7 Series

It seems a lot of people are enamoured by Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 Series smartphone OS. So much so, in fact, that an industrial designer by the name of Umang Dokey has rendered a 8-inch tablet mockup running the OS and sporting a few trick features like 3D video conferencing via its dual front-facing [...]

New Microsoft Courier Details Emerge

A "trusted" Microsoft insider has informed Engadget that Microsoft's upcoming Courier "Digital Journal" will make use of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 graphics platform, be less than an inch thick, weigh just over a pound, will include a camera (location not specified), and will be no larger than a 5x7 photo when the book-like form factor is closed. Interestingly [...]